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We have a few projects in the pipeline and are open to collaborations.  If interested in participating, please contact us 
Wahoo is a short film about love and destiny that - depending on the evolution of the covid situation, will be shot in 2021.
The plot revolves around Dave and Sara, whose love story was ended by a big misunderstanding. Now they are both looking for a bright new future, but destiny seems to wish for them to be reunited.
IMDb link here.


Empty Love

Immersive Psychology

Empty Love (Senti-Mento) is a film that will be shot in either Italy or Australia once the Covid restrictions are fully lifted.
The film narrates the story of Selene, a young actress is so hurt by unrequited love that she loses her sense of identity. But as a result she can become whomever she wishes to be.
It is an amazing script written by Caterina Gabanella, who will also star and direct it.  
IMDb link here.
Immersive Psychology is a new very short film that will be produced in Italy in 2021.
The concept revolves around a new technique of psychoanalysis develop by the protagonist.
However, not everything is how it seems.
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