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The Doll Seamstress is multi award winning super short thriller released in 2020 produced by JC Bits in Australia.

Written and directed by Joseph Crepaldi, it narrates the story of a young lady, a talented seamstress.

She becomes involved in a hunt for survival, with a serial killer on the run.


A metaphor to talk about stereotyping, but above all a short film to entertain audiences who like the thriller genre.

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Testa o Croce (Heads or Tails) is a short film drama  released in early 2021 produced by JC Bits in collaboration with Frabiato Films.

Written and directed by the talented Caterina Gabanella, it includes a prestigious cast including the famous Italian performer Paolo Rossi.

The film talk about destiny, addiction and its impact to a father - son relationships over the years.

Shot in Italy in Italian language will be presented to festivals internationally with English subtitles.

More information can be found on our website

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Testa o Croce poster with laurels.jpg
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Inappropriate is a love drama to be released in 2020.

Inappropriate's plot promotes a dialogue with the audience about society's reactions to romantic relationships with a large age difference.


More broadly, it encourages discussions about stereotypes and acceptance.


Written by executive producer Joseph Crepaldi  of JC Bits Productions, it is directed by Lisa Kerschbaumer and features Caterina Gabanella and Sara Pantaleo.

Shot in the beautiful surroundings of the Dolomites, in Italian language with English subtitles.


More information can be found on the website

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The Bend Call is a short sci fi film released in 2018

Directed by Ben and Cait Bryan of Hearken, is receiving early success on festivals.

JC Bits Productions served as executive producers, with Joseph Crepaldi writing the script for the film

You can watch the trailer on the side and you can find more information and press kit on the website

Real Talent is a short comedy film released in 2018.


Real Talent provides a dry look at the "insta culture".  The story is about a young actress undergoes a radical and positive personal transformation. However she has to deal with an unlikely competitor..

Written by executive producer Joseph Crepaldi  of JC Bits Productions, it is directed by the talented Lexie Dent.


More information can be found on the website


Other Films

"The little Cowboy" Is a story about Valentin, who is too afraid to read in front of other people, too nerdy to find a lot of friends and too small to run away from the bad guys fast enough. But that is all about to change, when the mysterious cowboy Billy shows up and decides to give him cowboy-lessons.
Written and Directed by Lisa Maria Kerschbaumer
A not-quite-coming-of-age story about a boy, his dad, a bottle of vinegar and a mermaid-
Written by Joel Perigut. Directed by Madeline Gottlieb.
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