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Our Team


Caterina Gabanella

Artistic Director

Caterina Gabanella is a talented actress, writer and director.

She has responsibility and oversights on the artistic quality of any project JCG Bits Productions undertakes, and therefore has final say on films from pre-production (eg. casting) through to final editing cut in post.

More information about Caterina can be found on her official website


Joseph Crepaldi

Executive Producer

Joseph Crepaldi is the founder and Managing Director of Crescendo Partners, JCG Bits Production parent company.

Whilst at times he dabbles in filmmaking, Joseph's primary responsibility in JCG Bits revolves around production, including funding, co-productions, casting and distribution.

More information about Joseph can be found on his page on IMDb


Diana Nikitenko

Financial Controller

Diana Nikitenko is the Financial Controller of Crescendo Partners, JCG Bits Production parent company.

Diana holds a PhD in Accounting and within JCG Bits she is responsible for Legal, Personnel and Financial matters.

Headshot Claudia Rubner.png

Claudia Rubner

DoP Europe

Claudia Rubner is our Director of Photography of choice for our films shot in Europe.

Educated in London, she is a talented cinematographer and editor.  She is also a skilled underwater film operator and photographer.

More of her work can be found on her website

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